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As both a golf performance and career management company we manage the environment in which you play. And, as one of our players, you will receive a bespoke programme of one to one support focused on getting you to where you want to be.

Having analysed the services available to professional golfers, it became clear to us that there was limited support for players that have transitioned from the amateur to the professional game.

We focus on your performance and lifestyle management by going through a systematic approach, looking at your service provision and then managing your playing pathway.

We ensure that all providers are coordinated and working towards your goals. Your personalised calendar will reflect your playing season and windows to combine your physical training with your game improvement.

We will also take the strain out of your season by managing everything for you; right down to removing the stress of tournament bookings and itinerary management.

This complete planned picture allows you to exist in a high performance bubble.

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We’ll make sure you have the physical and mental energy to go the course with the right conditioning, nutritional & mental support. We’ll ensure you have the best physical preparation so after 4 rounds you can still make the last putt.

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By working with you and your coaches we will fully understand you and your goals. We then agree on your performance pathway and establish appropriate goals and Key Performance Indicators to ensure that your reach your goals.

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We’ll help you focus, by establishing where you have gaps and working with some of the country’s leading experts to improve your performance in these areas.

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We will develop your vision and goals for your future, helping you understand where your game could go and working with you and your coach to keep you on your performance pathway.

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We manage all elements of your professional life to give you the time to concentrate on the important parts of your game.

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Once you’ve achieved your goals, we will work to keep you at the top of your game by continuing to evolve your plan to deliver against your next challenge.

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Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools in a sport. By building a trusting relationship, we will help mentor you through your career. We’ll be available to you, wherever you are to guide you through any challenges and help you to achieve your dreams. Our role at Harper Foad is to remove as many variables and peripheral distractions so you can focus on what you need to – playing your best golf.